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The final solution?  With a twist..

So I wasn't happy with the throttle what next?  To fit conventional injectors to the RS Turbo inlet manifold is apparently a big job in terms of both machining and trying to find a suitable fuel rail (as the injectors enter at a compound angle).  The other "budget" alternative is to use the Ford EFi head and manifold (as found in the Fiesta XR2i and Mk5 Escort).  Why both?  The EFi head has cutouts cast into the inlet ports to match the manifold, but at least the manifold will take standard Bosch-style injectors!

At this point, it's looking easier to build up a new engine instead of playing with the existing one - in which case why not go for a capacity upgrade at the same time?

There's a conversion gathering quite a following - the ZVH, or Zetec/CVH hybrid.  It's basically a Ford Zetec engine bottom end with a CVH head bolted on top.  The Zetec engine is merely a development of the CVH with the odd difference here and there.  This allows a CVH engine to gain a 2.0 litre bottom end, and all the extra power and torque which comes with it!  Alas, this is becoming a very popular conversion with both Escort and Fiesta RS Turbo owners such that the value of a 2.0 Zetec engine (only found in the Mondeo) is becoming artificially high.  There are also quite a few things to be done to the block "as is" to "CVH" it.

Always looking for the "budget" alternative led me to look at the 1.8CVH found in late 80's Sierras; apparently a terrible low revving engine giving less power than a stock 1600!  This, however, appears to step from the cylinder head which was produced for economy and emissions rather than power.  So what stops you bolting an EFi head to an 1800 block?  Nothing by the looks of it!  There was one little word of warning - keeping the cam timed correctly with the crank as the block is 4mm taller to accommodate the extra 8mm of stroke.  It seems that using the 1800 pulleys keeps everything timed up correctly, but this means not using the 1600 water pump as the timing belt profile is very different.

So - take one Sierra 1.8 R2A engine, bin the head, bolt on an EFi head and manifold, and what do you get?

Problems encountered so far:


The water pump inlet (shown above) comes from behind, and hence needs to be routed back round the engine mount


Trying to fit a larger alternator (in terms of output to drive the pump/injectors, etc) makes it clout the engine mount.  Currently looking at making it a "top mount" and swinging it from the top.  Adjusting it might be a problem, as the swing doesn't allow much lateral movement.  Also the pulleys no longer line up due to the toothed ring on the front pulley sending the drive belt further out by about an inch!  Still can't find an alternator which has a really long nose pulley..


Need to make a oil return for the turbo.  There is a spare hole just beneath the turbo filled with a core plug..hopefully I can use this instead.


Access to the fuel regulator return is a little limited to say the least!


The Ford throttle body has a huge 70mm o/d throttle body (read expensive silicone hoses), so will be bolting a 60mm o/d 1800Ti one on instead (also allows use of an 1800Ti throttle cable..I hope!).  With redrilling a couple of holes, a Ford throttle pot sensor fits the shaft on the throttle body!

The crank pulley comes within a few mm of the front crossmember, but it does clear.

Apart from that, it's just having time to knuckle down to it, but work and the weather seem to be stopping me in my tracks at the moment.  For some reason, I've acquired both a 1.8 130PS Zetec engine AND a 2.0 short engine, so keep debating if I continue with this lump, or just bite the bullet and go 16V 2 litre...

Have a look here..

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