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Welcome to ss1turbo.com and ss1turbo.co.uk

...the information repository for the Reliant Scimitar SS1 family, including the Scimitar SST, Sabre and Scimitar Sabre.

As the name suggests, there is a particular (but not exclusive!) passion for the turbo variants both the factory 1800Ti, and my own 1600 turbo(s).  All SS-series cars welcome!

This site doesn't have its own forum, but I urge you to check out the RSSOC Scimitarweb one, as its where I frequent on a regular basis - as do a large number of SS owners.

www.ss1turbo.com car stickers from laser cut vinyl are now available - please contact me for details.  Currently in one size from stock (about 2"x12") in white, silver or black but other sizes and colours available to order.

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bulletThe RSSOC homepage
bulletPhil Wormald's EXCELLENT rebuild site!
bulletOther Links Page
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bulletThe Scimitarweb Forum

Quick Links:

bulletSS1in Competition
bulletPete Silcocks Twin Cam Turbo Sabre
bulletFitting a Zetec - technical
bulletFitting a Zetec - into my SS1
bulletKevin and Kris Coopers SS1 1600 Rebuild
bulletVented Disc conversion
NEW Competition section!!  Currently featuring a silver Ferrari-killer and a racetrack newcomer.

SS1 No.1 unearthed from a 10 year slumber...more info here!

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Pictures of SS1s, SSTs and Sabres, submitted by the owners.

Please feel free to send them using the Feedback link.

bulletReliant Scimitar Yahoo! Group
bulletScimitarweb forum

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