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Despite the name of this website (www.ss1turbo.com), it encompasses all SS1 variants.  If you'd like to see your car here, please contact me

bulletKevin and Kris Coopers SS1 1600 rebuild
bullet"in need of rebuild" is the only way to describe this chassis...but it lives!


bulletPete Silcock's Twin Cam Turbo Prototype Sabre
bulletA much improved Sabre


bulletPaul Maddison - SS1 1800Ti
bulletPaul has had about 10% of the total 1800Ti production at some point in time...why?


bulletBryan Crouch - SST Ti
bulletA Well improved SST Ti with an intercooler, vented discs and soon to be Limited Slip Diff from a Sierra XR4x4...


bulletCraig Hughes SS1 1800Ti Racer
bulletPossibly the quickest 1800Ti out there?


bulletPaul Hunt's Zetec Powered Monster
bulletIf the standard 1.6 CVH won't cut the mustard, try a 2.0 Zetec!



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