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Bryan Crouch's SST Ti

Bryan Crouch was inspired by his father into Scimitars, but after a GTE SE5, decided the SS-series were much quicker, and handled better - much better for Autotests!  In this case, there isn't any better than a Ti version...  Here's Bryans own words about his SST:

The SST is a bit of a missing link between the SS1 and the Sabre.  The major difference from the SS1 is that to get away from the panel fit problems of the SS1, Reliant returned to the single fibreglass shell construction used in the bigger cars.  This led to a smoother body style but with a big weight penalty.  While the SS1 weighs just 830 kg where as the SST carries around nearly as much as a GTE, weighing in at 1126 kg!

Mine was run in the RSSOC Speed Championship for the last 2 years in standard form and got it’s patriotic colour scheme after a fair-sized "off" at Loton Park.  It is currently undergoing some minor changes to run in the modified production class of both the RSSOC Speed Championship and The Liverpool Motor Club Speed Championship.

The mods are:-

bullet AVO adjustable shocks all round
bullet Lowered using Shorter & Stiffer Springs Front & Rear
bullet Poly Bushed Suspension Throughout
bullet Vented Discs Conversion – using original callipers with a custom engineered spacer & Queensbury Road Vented Discs
bullet Limited Slip Diff – from a Sierra XR 4x4
bullet 15x6.5J alloy wheels on 205/50 Yokohama A539 tyres – from a H-reg Honda Prelude
bullet Cosworth Intercooler
bullet Manual Boost Controller – increased to 12-14 psi


Gunning down the main straight at Curborough

Navigating the cones at Debden

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