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The Photo Gallery

The photo gallery is now growing at an alarming rate..please keep the contributions coming!

The SS1 on its first time out, Sabre Day 1985

Bill Mason's 1800Ti..recently joined by his first 1800Ti - bought back from the same person he sold it to many years ago!

The ex-Barry Marsden, ex-Graham Walker, ex-Paul Maddison Racing Sabre

Not an SS1, but a legend in the Scimitar world..the Green Meanie in it's heyday. Here driven by the late Chris Lloyd

Viv White's recently acquired Sabre 1800Ti

Viv's (or should it be Tina's?) Sabre again

The pre-cursor to the SS1; the still-born Stephens Cipher. Tony Stephens did get chance to work with Reliant with the SST

An 1800Ti I owned very briefly; now sprinted by Geoff and Kim Corduroy

Matthew Gable's 1800TI at Prescott Hillclimb

Matthew's 1800Ti again at Rockingham

Before you ask, it's not silver...but it's not Pink either! At Prescott again

..and back at Rockingham..and still not pink!

Bill Mason sprinting at Curborough in 1998

Gottfried Burckardt demonstrating a little opposite lock, again at Curborough

The mods to this car are outstanding..hope to get more details

Kevin Cooper with a little suspension alignment problem

Damage to the rear trailing arm, thanks to sliding sideways into a rumble strip!

Martin Lacey not having a limited slip diff...

Craig Hughes' old car, here piloted by previous owner Nigel Reeves at Prescott

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