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The Gateway to the SS1 Technical Repository..

bulletWiring Diagrams for both 1600 and 1800Ti models, by Peter Freeman (both in Adobe Acrobat
bulletSS1 1300/SS1 1600 (Low Resolution Version)
bulletSS1 1300/SS1 1600 (Updated, High Resolution Version)
bullet1800Ti (Low Resolution Version)
bullet1800Ti (Updated, High Resolution Version)
bulletHow to turn an SS1 into a Hot Hatch Eater by Craig Hughes (also featured in "Slice")
bulletHot Hatch Hunting
bulletFancy upgrading your CVH to a Zetec?  Here's a few pointers
bulletFitting a Zetec
bulletLittle snippets of info on specific problems to the SS series cars
bulletQuick Tips
bulletHow to remove the outer panels of an SS1 (originally printed in Slice a long time ago...)
bulletSS1 Overview

Interesting Info on Brake Discs:

SS1 Brake Disc Dimensions


Chevette Disc Dimensions 


Carlton Vented Disc Dimensions

Plus some manufacturers list the brake discs could ALSO be Austin Maestro...but I doubt it!



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