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As well as being on the Committee of the RSSOC, i'm also the SS1 Registrar.

Your Chassis Number and what it can tell you

The Reliant chassis number can be broken down into sections to identify your car.  Take an example chassis number:

SCD 21 02 83 FG 000054

SCD = Reliant

21 = SS1 (SST and Sabre will be 22)

02 = Model Code (in this case, an early 1600)

83 = Colour

FG = Build Date; F = 1985, G = July; "I" is not used

000054 = 54th SS1.  There was a gap between the last SS1 (believed to be 1507 and the first SST, 2000).

To expand some of the info:

Model and Code

The latest list I have complied looks like this:

2101 = SS1 1300

2102 = SS1 1600 (earlier engine with Weber 32DFT Carb)

2104 = SS1 1800Ti Left Hand Drive

2105 = SS1 1800Ti Right Hand Drive

2109 = SS1 1600 (Later engine; Weber TLD Carb and different water piping)

2112 = SS1 1400

There also appear to be 2110 and 2113 codes which apply to a couple of export cars - can anyone help with identification?

2201 = SST 1800Ti

2202 = SST/Sabre 1.4 Ford engine

2203 = Sabre Mk 1 Rover K series engine

2204 = Sabre Nissan 1.8T engine

2205 = Sabre Mk2 Rover K series engine (RHD)

2206 = Sabre Mk2 Rover K series engine (LHD)

...or so it appears...


Galvanised chassis cars are believed to have been introduced between no.600 and 700 (number 600 is galvanised), plus all Ti's are also believed to be galvanised.  There is a small difference - all galv chassis (it seems) have both sets of engine mounts for both Ford and Nissan engines.

In the meantime, please take a moment to register your car.  Your car might just provide a missing link - or throw all the above into question!



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