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Kevin and Kris Coopers SS1 1600 Rebuild

You may have spotted a red 1600 in the photo gallery with a slight suspension alignment see what the car went through to get that far..

The car was acquired by Kevin and son Kris, they being of the "good home" variety.  Kevin tells me he wanted something to completely rebuild - i'm not sure if this was how far he wanted to go..

(Use the left/right arrows to scroll through' click to enlarge)


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As can be seen from the small selection of the dozens of photos, this early non-galvanised chassis has seen better days.

So what do you do with the bad bits?  Cut them out and replace with good!  Several sheets of Polands finest washing machines and many Cornflakes boxes later:


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And finally, you get to:

I have over simplified this chassis rebuild somewhat, and Kevin has over 200 photos of the rebuild, most of which are on the chassis!

A few more pictures showing the continued rebuild of the rolling chassis:


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To be continued...

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