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One is never enough...

Paul isn't content with just one 1800Ti; it has to be two.  His red one he's owned for a few years now and was an original low mileage example before he started modifying it a little...  First came the boost upgrade courtesy of an in-car adjustable bleed valve.  Next came a Sierra Cosworth intercooler situated right in the path of the incoming cold air and a Tony Law large bore exhaust.  Some larger, wider wheels help keep the extra power on the ground.

His second Ti (the black one) came as a part exchange for the ex-Graham Walker racing Sabre he owned for a while.  An appetite for drive shafts and questionable road manners meant it only came out occasionally.  The black one has had a great deal of work already done (hybrid turbo, shortened Cosworth intercooler, Limited Slip Diff, vented discs), but Paul still continues to improve the car; a rather large side exit exhaust being his latest mod.

A few pics of his collection, past and present

Now THAT's an engine...

Paul's latest acquisition

Intercooler installation in his new one

Next years racer?

You CAN fit 17" wheels on an SS1..

Two Ti's at home

A little head work, prompted by a little misfire. May as well make a few improvements on the way!

1800Ti inlet manifold

Paul's first 1800Ti with which he started to "play"..note the Sierra Cosworth intercooler taking pride of place!

The ex-Graham Walker racer just prior to it moving to its new home

Video of Paul at Cadwell Park, suffering with intercooler pipes blowing off towards the end..

(Video in .wmv format)

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