The Last 1600 Turbo?




Could it be the last one?

Somehow I managed to acquire possibly the only remaining "as converted" SS1 1600 Turbo, via the power of ebay (yet again!).  It's covered a mere 58,000 miles in its life; 300 of which were on the way home after collecting it.

This car (B461 KWP) was converted in May 1986, merely weeks before the launch of the 1800Ti and may possibly have been the last one to pass through Robin Rew's workshops for the conversion.  Apart from a little hiccup whilst travelling home (a turbo hose decided that 20 years was too much for it), it has done very few miles since, but now needs a little TLC to return it to its former glory.

A run on the portable dyno at the RSSOC National Sporting Weekend showed 124bhp (flywheel) and

I do know of the remains of two other converted cars, but that brings the total to 4 (including the prototype) - surely there were more?  Or was that it?  Could it be that I have 50% of the 1600 Turbos, and whats more, the only two to have remained so?



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