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The Story so far:

When the original modified 32DFT Carburettor decided that more fuel would end up on the outside of the body than inside the engine, it was time to search for a replacement.  Research showed that a Series 1 Lancia Delta HF Turbo was equipped with such a carb (32DFT), and even rebuild kits were available.  Finiding one, however, would prove more difficult than a roosters incisors.

OK..If I couldn't get an exact replacement, what else would do?  The question is moreso what carburettored turbo vehicles existed?


Lotus Esprit (Dellorto DHLA) - sidedraught


Renault 5 GTTurbo (Solex 32DIS) - single choke downdraught


MG Maestro/Montego Turbo (SU HIF44) - sidedraught

The Dellortos off a Lotus were a little too large for a lowly 1600, plus there are mounting  issues in the SS1 bodyshell, i.e. not a lot of room for the rear carb.

Renault 5 GT Turbo?  The single choke carburetor could be easily be mounted to a standard CVH manifold, but these carbs have to be modified to allow enough air for 140bhp and then become a bit fragile - nope.

MG "M" to fit a sidedraught SU carburettor to a Ford CVH engine?  Suprisingly easy when you think about it!  Take one RS Turbo inlet manifold, remove the throttle body and bolt the carb in its place.  Bingo!  First problem arises when trying to shut the bonnet - it's not having it.  Second problem -  as soon as the engine has any heat in it, the carb decides not to work.  It has to be said that outside the MOT station is one of the more embarassing places for it to conk out.


Perhaps carbs aren't for me?  Lets try fuel injection instead..


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